Survey on Street Harassment

Survey on Street Harassment

Investigating Street Harassment: Internationally!

Hollaback! Melbourne is the local chapter of a global movement working to end street harassment. Hollaback is powered by a network of local activists around the world.

Hollaback has teamed up with Cornell University’s ILR School professor Beth Livingston to study the experiences and impacts of street harassment internationally, through cooperation with Hollaback’s many local
activism sites.

What are we doing? We are launching online surveys in countries on six continents, translated into multiple languages. Links to these surveys will be tweeted, blogged, facebook’ed and emailed worldwide with the hope of gathering data on street harassment that can be used to better understand its impacts in an international context. Links specific to Melbourne (and Australia) can be found below.

What can you do to help? Complete a survey! Complete it and send the link on to others who may or may not be familiar with the movement. The more respondents the better!

What can you expect? The survey asks about demographics, experiences with harassment, reactions to it, and other questions. It is completely anonymous.

Summary reports and press releases can be expected early in 2015.

What if I’m not from Melbourne?

If you’re not from Melbourne you can still complete the survey, as it’s important for us to get data from as many people as possible and just include where you’re from when you’re asked.

What if I have questions? If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 


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“And that’s when he commented loudly “whoaaa…beautiful boobs”…”

I have just moved to Melbourne from India, and have been welcomed by the city.

In general, I would feel lucky that even on the worst days when I would be in a shabby locality by chance, people would just leer and let go.

But then, this incident just had to happen.

I go to my university at 8:00 in the morning, taking this path which goes parallel to the railway line.

Last week, as I am walking on the pavement, there is this weird guy standing at the middle of the pavement.

He keeps leering at me. I thought of crossing the road and walking away, but I was too late for that.

And that’s when he commented loudly “whoaaa.. beautiful boobs.”

I was shocked and thought of turning around and slapping him right across the face. But I was really scared that this would get me into some trouble, the guy looked stronger than me for sure. So I thought of it for like 2 seconds and then walked away quickly.

This ruined my day. I spoke to my friend about this, and she told me a similar incident happened to her a few days back, and she had literally made a run for her house, scared.
It is not one of the worst things that could happen here in Melbourne to me, but I really wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know how to respond. But I don’t want to motivate oglers to do such stuff, and maybe my silence did that. I want to stop street harassment, just don’t know where to start.

I've got your back!

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“A young male leaned close to my open window and asked “how you going beautiful?”…”

I was driving home late at night in my car, and came to a zebra crossing near a roundabout where about 10 young people were wandering across the road slowly.

I slowed right down and a young male leaned close to my open window and asked ‘how you going beautiful?” I stuck my finger out the window and drove off, thinking ‘fine without you!’

Wish I was brave enough to say it!

I've got your back!

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“I’m so sick of feeling uncomfortable when I leave the house…”

I’m so sick of feeling uncomfortable when I leave the house, I’m out in public a lot since I catch public transport and i’m constantly being beeped at or whistled at like i’m a piece of meat.

A particular instance the other night when I was meeting friends for dinner made me question whether I should even be going out at night.

I got off the bus a few meters away from the restaurant and a guy in a car aggressively shouted out that I was a ‘Fucking Slut’ I was generally stunned, I didn’t see the guy as I was getting something out of my bag, I’m certain it was directed at me because I didn’t see any other people around, regardless no one should be treated like that!!!

I've got your back!

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“Men continually drive past me and honk their horns…”

Men continually drive past me on Cranbourne Frankston Road and honk their horns, screaming offensive things out.

I've got your back!

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“He followed me up and down the aisle…”

I was shopping in the health and beauty aisle on a Sunday afternoon when I heard mumbling from a fellow shopper.

I ignored it but it continued.

He followed me up and down the aisle and when I tried to walk away, he stepped in front of me and then tried to profusely apologise for doing so.

I've got your back!

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“I was walking to catch the bus to work when I heard someone running behind me.”

I was walking to catch the bus to work when I heard someone running behind me.

It was a man in his mid-to-late twenties who stopped when he reached me and said “good morning”.

I replied politely and he proceeded to ask me personal questions about where I worked and how I was getting there.

Once I reached some shops I excused myself and ducked into one of them.

He followed me in and told me he thought I was beautiful and would like to get my phone number.

I told him I wasn’t interested and he asked again.

He finally left.
A year and a half later I encountered this man again at the same bus stop I tried to avoid him seeing me at before. He said “good morning” and asked me where I worked.

Same pattern. I quickly jumped on my phone and started calling friends so I would have something to occupy me and so that he wouldn’t continue to talk to me.

Luckily my housemate was on the bus when it pulled up and I sat with him so this man couldn’t continue to harass me.

I've got your back!

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“…I am sick of being victimised by men who feel that they are entitled…”

After leaving school due to being extremely ill I had to make the ten minute walk home up the road.

In the space of that walk I was street harassed three times by three different men in three different cars.

Usually I can get over such incidents with ease, however today in my sleep deprived flu driven state I felt especially vulnerable as a pedestrian walking along a busy road.

I am sick of being victimised by men who feel that they are entitled to be as loud, arrogant and harmful as they want in public spaces.

I’m seventeen years old, does the school logo emblazoned across my chest not give you reason enough to think twice about projecting your sexual desires and privilege on to an underage school girl?

Not to say that harassment of any sort is acceptable no matter how old the victim is. I’m frustrated at the age that girls start being subjected to this dehumanising treatment.

I've got your back!

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