“…he said ‘hello girls’ in a really sleazy voice…”

A friend and I walked past a man on Sydney Rd, near Hope St corner.

He said ‘hello girls‘ in a really sleazy voice, followed by ‘be careful, you know where you are‘.

Whether it was reference to what happened to Jill or to the recent spate of sexual assaults in that area, it was a totally unnecessary and scary comment.

I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything, but wish I could have told him to fuck off.

I've got your back!

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“…Thanks for making a shitty day worse, creep”

Having spent 18 hours in bed with the flu, I managed to get myself to the doctor and the chemist.

I went for a quick walk while I was waiting for my medication to be dispensed and as I passed a man on the street he asked me, “Want sex?

I stopped and turned to make sure I’d heard correctly.

I had.

He was standing behind me with a sleazy grin, awaiting my response. I gave him the most disgusted look I could muster and went back to the chemist.

Thanks for making a shitty day worse, creep.

I've got your back!

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“…He held out his walkie talkie. A wolf whistle sound came through it…”

Walking past the construction site on my street, a tradie stepped towards me.

He held out his walkie talkie.

A wolf whistle sound came through it, followed by laughter.

They had actually bothered to harass me long distance.

Hate them.

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“I have been slapped on the arse by a moving car…”

Riding from Brunswick to footscray: 2 car horns & then I park my bike and get ‘sexy lady’ yelled @ me.
I didn’t respond because I’m having a bad day and felt that if I did, I might completely lose my shit.
I had been listening on my ride to the 3cr woman on  the line episode on Hollaback.

Glad to learn of this forum to share. Sick of being judged.

Getting calls and hoots when riding a bike feels very unsafe and disorientates me. I have been slapped on the arse by a moving cars before.

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Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy & Little Else!

Recently the team from Hollaback! Melbourne were invited to attend a preview performance of Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It: A One Woman Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy & Little Else as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. One of our subscribers, Marney Phillips wrote a reflection on the performance. 

Image of Adrienne Truscott, wearing a blonde wig, denim jacket and high heeled boots sits on a flight of stairs naked from the waist down with a strategically placed six pack of beer.


“I have been to comedy gigs before where nobody laughed and it gets pretty damn uncomfortable. Adrienne Truscott’s ‘Asking For It’ wasn’t one of those- people were laughing, loudly, all around me. It was a funny and clever show.

Honestly though, it was my most uncomfortable audience experience to date. I think I just felt really weird laughing at rape jokes- even when they were subversive.

It’s a hard show to summarise for me but here is my best effort- part stand up, part monologue, part grenade-toss into the audience.

Adrienne has woven quick wit, physical comedy and an engaging story-telling style into a brave and provocative performance. She uses her half-naked self as a comedic tool, a political statement and a projection screen.

She has a disarming, almost quaint way of engaging with her audience (a bit like a Play School presenter at times) but there is nothing quaint about the content.

This show is an intelligent response to some pretty unintelligent moments in politics and the media on the topic of rape.

Adrienne manages to be sarcastic without seeming hostile, be naked without seeming vulnerable and, at least on the night I saw her, handle front row, crotch-height hecklers with elegance.

I didn’t laugh out loud, more likely I had a nervous smile plastered on my face the whole time. But I was impressed. I will be going back a second time to see if I can handball the grenades to someone else and just enjoy the show.”

Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy & Little Else is on at The Portland Hotel as part of MICF until April 20th.

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“He continued to match my walking speed saying…”

I often work from my local cafe. Walking home at about 3pm a car slower next to me. The guy wound down his window and said “what’s your name?” I ignored him. He continued to match my walking speed saying “aren’t you going to talk to me? Why won’t you talk to me?” Finally I snapped saying “no I don’t want to talk to you please go away”. He sped off yelling at me “you bitches are all the same.”

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“It was ridiculous as I couldn’t leave”

Filling up my car with petrol as I headed out to meet friends at 10:45pm on April 2 the passenger of the guy in the next car leaned over to beep the horn aggressively while yelling “oh yeah, you’re a hotty. Hey hotty! Hey! Talk to me hotty!”. It was ridiculous as I couldn’t leave and I was standing only a metre away. The driver of the vehicle said nothing to his friend.

I've got your back!

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“We don’t exist to give you a laugh”

A friend and I were walking down Bridge Road at about 7:00pm, I’m 15 and she’s 17.

I noticed two guys close behind us for a good couple of hundred metres and subtly said something to my friend and she said she noticed them too.

We were both already on edge and then one of them called out, ‘Hey, have you met Dave?’. We turned around quickly and saw they were in their mid-20s and we freaked out. They started laughing and we hurried into the shopping centre.

We don’t exist to give you a laugh.

I've got your back!

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