We got a comment from a misogynist, so we took him to town. Enjoy!

So we actually received this as a comment on the story submitted below. I thought it was worth publishing it as a proper post, so you all can have a read of the level of ignorance and vitriol and hatred (and complete incoherence) that is out there when you speak your truth about gender based violence. 


It’s from “Juan”: 

‘A good way to end the imaginary crime “street vexation” is to stop imagining things and just ignore it and walk away, don’t ask for trouble. It’s simple, only one step, discretion is the better part of valour. Somebody once bothered me late at night when I was cleaning the environment which is what the sidewalk and streets are,saying stuff like, stop playing in the traffic, but I ignored it. Which is what I would advise anybody else to do if they want this ended. Another way to end this is to repent and call on Jesus name, stop listening to the devil, dont ask for unneeded sexual intercourse, walk awy from trouble and the guys should go look elsewhere maybe a stripjoint,massage parlor,harlot, or just meet someone for free who is more willing. Rape is a word that is used incorrectly today, it should still mean to pillage a village which would be the correct definition’.


And here’s an untempered, frustrated, sick-of-explaining-shit-to-people-who-refuse-to-understand response: 

LOL Hollaback! Melbourne are laughing at you and pointing and mocking. But just in case you’re ignorant, instead of just a religious misogynist, here’s some information:

1. It’s “street harassment” not “street vexation”. Do not discredit gender based violence by wilfully using incorrect language.

2. Women do not “imagine things”. Things happen to women. We are not hormone – driven emotionally crazed lunatics. We live in a reality where we are harassed and assaulted and objectified and frightened daily. That is reality, not imagination. Read the other stories on the site – did we all just “imagine” this crime. Hell no.

3. Do not give advice to women to “ignore it and walk away”. You weren’t in this particular situation and “Juan” – I assume you are not a woman – can have little to no understanding of how this feels or what the correct course of action is to take. The correct thing for women to do is to do whatever is best for them – whatever your simplistic, condescending and uninformed advice may be.

4. It is not possible to “ask for trouble”. Last time I checked, no woman ASKS for unwanted sexual advances and harassment, that is done to us against our will. It is the harassers decision, not the victims. In this particular woman’s experience she was waiting at a train station. Also, if she was “asking for it” how can the crime be “imaginary”? What is this “it” you are referring to then? Logic check dude.

5. Your one personal experience of having comments made to you when you were on the street DO NOT CONSTITUTE A UNIVERSAL TRUTH against which everyone woman’s experiences and feelings can be judged.

6. Jesus ain’t got nothing to do with this. 

7. Studies have proven that societies where men frequent brothels etc. DO NOT SHOW DECREASED LEVELS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Flawed argument, problematic foundations.

8. Women are entitled to have AS MUCH SEX AS WE WANT. It is not “unneeded” if you want it. Your puritanical agenda is not welcome here.

9. No woman is a “harlot” you medieval woman-hater. You need to spend some time frequenting good feminist websites and get yourself an education – try feminaust. Try paying attention.

10. When society talks about rape, society isn’t talking about the medieval pillaging of a village. Does the word “rape” make you SO uncomfortable that you have to revert to the origins of a word? Guess what, meaning changes over time. Here’s a nice little definition of ‘rape’ from The Merriam Webster online dictionary:

        1. a) archaic : to seize and take away by force

             b) : despoil

         2 : to commit rape on

             — rap·er

             — rap·ist

Can that be ANY CLEARER TO YOU? Rape is violation. Rape is overwhelmingly perpetrated against women. Rape is gender based violence. You being uncomfortable with rape doesn’t mean you get to define the word.


That about sums it up “Juan”. If you want gentle, neutral, unafraid of offending people responses you can read through the WEALTH of information provided about this on the rest of the site. Until then, your opinion is not needed. But thanks for so condescendingly mansplaining street harassment to us. 




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  1. Antonia says:

    who ever wrote that reply to “Juan” you are a legend.

  2. Nick says:

    Juan you are an ignorant pig. Ask Jesus for the power to stop listening to evil?! How about just ask men to treat women as people, doesn’t seem like this needs divine intervention. I hope you were writing that to illicit a response Juan and don’t truly feel that way. If you do believe that you will be very lonely in this life. But I guess you have Jesus…again you are an ignorant pig.

  3. Chay says:

    Fantastic reply. The irony being, Juan just case-in-point proved exactly why we need movements like Hollaback. The whole “street harrassment isnt even a real thing”, coming from blokes, would just be funny if it wasn’t so offensive.

    Changing the world, one asshole mysoginist takedown at a time!

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  5. melbourne says:

    For everyone’s information – no further contact from “Juan”.


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