2013 – The Year in Focus

So now that you’ve seen all that we accomplished in four short months. Imagine what an impact we could have on street harassment this year with YOUR help.


Protestors against street harassment in Washington DC. Image from sarah-graham.co.uk

Protestors against street harassment in Washington DC. Image from sarah-graham.co.uk


This year we’re going to start moving politically – street harassment is a women’s rights and public health issue and it should be on the political radar of our state government and local councils.

We’re going to collect another 150 stories of street harassment, and we’re going to compile a comprehensive report on where street harassment is most prevalent, and what the severity of that harassment is.

We’re going to throw more fun and informative events – more workshops, discussions and maybe even a concert!

We’re going to start getting the message out in high schools around Victoria. Why shouldn’t we be having frank discussions with teenagers about the way they view and treat women, and how they should expect to be treated?


So this is YOUR opportunity to get on board and work to affect positive change in your city. Join the team! There are opportunities in events, social media and technology. 

Still want to be involved but not so formally? Email us at [email protected] – we’re always in need of extra hands and extra writers during busy periods.


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  1. […] Hollaback! Melbourne is planning away for this upcoming year! Melbourne is revving their engines for a year of events, political action, story collecting, and awareness raising about street harassment in local high schools. Next Tuesday, March 5, Melbourne is starting a new weekly tradition called Takedown Tuesday where every Tuesday Melbourne will hollaback at cruel or misogynist comments and articles right on their blog. So, if you come across articles, comments, opinion pieces or blog posts related to street harassment that come from a misogynist perspective that really makes your blood boil, send them to [email protected] and they might be featured in the next Takedown Tuesday! Way to break the silence, Melbourne! […]

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