Introducing Takedown Tuesday!

Some of you may have seen the post we made on the site last week responding to an ignorant, misogynistic comment from some guy named “Juan” (if you didn’t either scroll down the page or click here to give it a look). Well, the response we had was so great that we thought we’d start a new tradition – Takedown Tuesday!
We all know what it’s like when you’re surfing the web, reading forums or news articles, and all of a sudden you’re sucked into a comments thread that is just a horrible cesspit of ignorant, offensive, sexist remarks. Or maybe you’re flicking through a news site and read an article that is itself ignorant, offensive and sexist. Hollaback! Melbourne has had enough of sitting back and ignoring these comments, and starting next week we will be picking some of the best (or worst) offenders to respond to.
If you’ve come across any articles, comment, opinion pieces or blog posts that really got you going send them our way and they might be the feature of our next Takedown Tuesday (but they have to be at least a bit relevant to street harassment!). Pop a link to it in the comments below or email us at [email protected] if you prefer.
Misogynist comments, sexist articles, ignorant arseholes who tell us all to ‘lighten up’ and ‘take it as a compliment’ – get ready for Takedown Tuesday, coming at you next Tuesday 5th March.

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