Take Down Tuesday – Dismissive Comments Edition

Today I’ve been listening to some very soothing music. If you feel the need to have your rage quietened why don’t you listen to this song from Daughter? It may even soothe your feminist rage while you read the (admittedly very short) assholery below.

Then again, why would you want to quiet your feminist rage?! Let us rage together! Collective feminist rage to soothing music.

So this week’s Takedown Tuesday is dealing with a very short, very dismissive, comment on a youtube clip Hollaback! Melbourne posted during our 12 days of street harassment Christmas campaign last year. If you haven’t listened to a choir irreverently parody a Christmas carol in order to make a point about common street harassment behaviour perpetrated against women then listen to our feminist carol HERE.

So why did we choose this comment? Well, it’s a great example of an immature response that women get whenever we identify inequality and start to do something about it. It’s meant to shut down the conversation. It’s meant to dismiss us. Guess what? You can’t dismiss me. My voice is louder and my platform is bigger.

The implication of the comment below? That we’re all just fat, ugly feminists who can’t get a man/ never had the right man/ have misdirected rage/ daddy issues or some combination of all the brilliant stereotypes levelled at us by the misogynist geniuses out there whenever we call them out on their patriarchal bullshit.


Here it is, from Youtube user sk1972: “You Wish” 


That’s it. That’s his entire response.  Time for a takedown.

1. Get real sk1972. Hollaback! Melbourne is an organisation campaigning to end street harassment. Why would we WISH to be street harassed? Logic check.

Let’s follow this brilliance through a step further – by his logic, the Sea Shephard would wish that more whales are killed each year. And people who campaign against racism? They actually wish for there to be more race-based discrimination. And bible thumpers who protest outside abortion clinics? They must actually wish for Satan to rule the world and for every woman to have as many abortions as they like.

2. Why would any woman wish to be harassed, particularly those who are protesting harassment? Harassment, by definition (courtesy of the Merrriam-Webster online dictionary, clearly the most reputable resource around for time-poor enraged bloggers) is:

(1): to annoy persistently (2): to create an unpleasant or hostile situation especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct

No one wishes for this sk1972. Got it? Harassment is a BAD THING. Do you understand? Let’s indulge in some whimsy here for a brief moment. When I was a young girl I wished to be a disney princess, then I wished to be a warthog from The Lion King, then I wished to be a vet, then I wished to be the first female prime minister of Australia. Wishes are made upon stars. Wishes are wonderful dreams. Wishes do not include being groped, shouted out, threatened, humiliated  and objectified by some insecure turd who never learned the meaning of respect.

3. Women know what we do and what we do not want. There isn’t some crazy hormonal discrepancy in women’s brains where we say we don’t want something but SECRETLY wish for it to happen. TAKE US AT OUR WORD. Yes means yes. No means no.  Women are your equals. Indeed, in manners and respect for personal space, we are largely your superiors.

4. Your pathetic, simplistic retort of  “You Wish” was the only thing you could come up with because you know we’re right. You don’t have a leg (or a well-structured argument) to stand on. If you did, you’d engage with us. But misogyny is indefensible and you know it. And street harassment is a shitty thing done to women to reinforce men’s power by demonstrating your control over the public space. Again, indefensible and you know it. Or you just don’t have the capacity to engage with the material. Either way, we win.

5. You responded with “You Wish” because it must have wounded your delicate male pride to be told that women don’t welcome your every advance. Does it startle and shock you that women are campaigning to put an end to your unacceptable woman-hating behaviour? Are you shocked to realise that women aren’t lining up to bed you after you honk at us or shout or grope us? It shouldn’t.

6. You’re wrong. I don’t wish for you to harass me. I wish for an end to street harassment.



Honey Badgers are basically indestructible. Like feminists.

Honey Badgers are basically indestructible. Like feminists.


Do your own version of a takedown Tuesday by telling us your experiences of harassment here. When you give us your story to publish, you’re showing other women that they are not alone, and you give yourself a chance to speak out about what has happened to you. This year we’re trying to collect 150 of your stories, so that we have a strong case to bring to the state government, local councils and public transport authorities.

Now! If you’ve seen some misogynist genius out there on the inter webs who needs a takedown you can email their comments to us at [email protected] – we’ll happily destroy/deconstruct them here next Tuesday!

Want to know how Takedown Tuesday started? Read our now infamous smack down of “Juan” here!

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